About us

We all know it’s hard to find quality fonts when we need to get work done. Most of us spend long hours online searching different websites for fonts that are suitable to our work. Finding the right font for a project can be a hassle, that’s why we decided to make this website, to make it easy to find quality fonts that can be used for commercial purposes.


FontCab.com makes it easy for you to find great fonts without wasting time. The simple layout of the website makes it easy to navigate through the fonts without much effort. If you’re looking for fonts and don’t want to spend hours and hours navigating online well, this is the site that’ll help you do just that. We will continue to add new fonts to the site and also, feel free to send us your suggestions or any other comments that can be helpful to us.


Also, Follow us on twitter, and bookmark our website, you wouldn’t want to forget about this website and go through the headache of searching the universe everytime you need new fonts, would you? We’re working on adding more features to the website, so don’t forget to visit us again.


Thank you.